Performing Authorship: 31 Days In March, March 2020 Collab with Russell Maltz – site specific installation Found objects, fence, wood panels, metal rods, plastic pallet, bubble wrap, re-mesh, neon paint, duct tape, rope, foam tubes, foam board, screws


From Lef(t) Magazine Performing Authorship publication:

PERFORMING: to carry out, accomplish or fulfill an action, task, or function

AUTHORSHIP: the state or fact of being the writer of a book, article, document, etc. or the producer of a creative work

COLLABORATION: the action of working with someone or a team to produce or create something

Robert Morris’s Continuous Project Altered Daily, was performed March1969 at the Castelli Warehouse. He brought to the site a wide range of industrial materials as well as a quantity of earth, which he would re-arrange daily. The project raised questions about the nature of art as a product of variation, repetition and improvisation. At the end of each day, Morris photographed the indeterminate nature of the work’s final form. In the case of Performing Authorship: 31 Days in March, @ PS122 Gallery, rather than focus on the temporality and variability of the artwork, we addressed the terms and conditions of producer, whose work is the product of the supposed isolation of the studio. To achieve this, it was decided Performing Authorship would focus on the notion of collaboration — the act of working together with someone as an equal to produce or create some entity which is neither one person’s nor an other’s. Such a synthesis brings into being a third author. Performing Authorship: 31 Days in March was to consist of 8 collaborative teams. The Core consisted of Russell Maltz, Cris Gianakos, Michael Gitlin, Hannah Bigeleisen, Alicia Grullón, MK Guth, Ivelisse Jiménez, and Bradley Tucker. This grouping is representative of the four generations of artists to emerge between the late 1960s and mid-2010s. Two teams were scheduled to install their work each week. The collaborators need not produce on site, but the work must be completed and installed in accord with the given schedule. All the projects were to be present on the final weekend of the exhibition. Then in mid-March, Covid-19 brought the project to a halt when PS122 Gallery had to close to the public, so we turned to LEF(t) to complete the project

Participating artists: Russell Maltz, Cris Gianakos, Michael Gitlin, Hannah Bigeleisen, Alicia Grullon, MK Guth, Ivelisse Jiménez and Bradley Tucker, Bat-Ami Rivlin, Lee-Tal, Steven Bukowski, Dan Bainbridge, Linda Hutchins, Chloë Bass, Suje Garcia, Brian E. Bridgford, and Sally Belk Gambrell Bridgford.