Untitled (12 tubs)


02 July – 26 September 2022

Opening Reception – Saturday, 02 July 2022, 7 pm

TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes
Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Islas Canarias, Spain


The exhibition explores the concept of waste from both a philosophical and artistic perspective, revolving around that which is “left over”, of that matter that is out of place. ‘COLAPSO’ amalgamates metaphorical, human and ecological waste in diverse stages decomposition. We aim at experiencing the exhibition space as an accumulation of residual strata, which is built in different stages and whose experience is multiple.

Waste is commonly conceived as the opposite of that which is valuable, permanent. Something that does not deserve to be preserved. In this sense, garbage is that which stands in the way of progress. A form of imbalance of the beautiful and of the productivity chain that regulates and organizes matter. From food waste to human waste – garbage is something we want to hide because it is the ineffable consequence of a late capitalist system whose progress has no end. Not even waste itself, paradoxically a concept associated with the end of matter’s life, has an end within the late capitalist system. Waste can always be recycled, returned to the system which it comes from and which capitalizes even this “second life” of matter. The concept of zero waste conceals an untamed notion of never-ending progress – a utopian fantasy of a self regulated system which fails over and over again.

Participating artists: Amy Balkin, Lucía Bayón, Marcin Dudek, Berenice Olmedo, Céline Struger, Inés Miño + Mon Cano + Íñigo de Barrón, Bat-Ami Rivlin, Luis Lecea, Marina González Guerreiro, Cajsa von Zeipel, Maï Diallo + Lucía Dorta, Shanie Tomassini, Rafael Pérez Evans, Jack Almgren, Young Boy Dancing Group