When does a sofa turn into a collage of foam, fabric and wood? How many actions does it take to make an old mattress unrecognizable? I construct ‘bodies’ out of scavenged and surplus objects, home appliances and other common products. I’m interested in investigating these objects as “flesh”, exposing their inner structural configurations and fillings. In altering these materials I follow the object’s form and utility, reconfiguring its intended use into colliding functions. In their failed attempts to perform their use functionality, the objects become amalgamates of things, assemblages of fragmented utilities, unraveling in form and material as they perform their broken practical purposes.

Bat-Ami Rivlin (b. 1991) is a New York based artist. Rivlin utilizes found and surplus objects to create installation and sculptural works that explore conceptual spaces between object ontology, material function, and bodily characteristics. Rivlin is a 2019 Columbia University MFA graduate and has exhibited in such venues as the Jewish Museum, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Knockdown Center, Times Square Space and more. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts and her MFA from Columbia University.

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